Meet Rowdy Sponsored Fighter: Ariel Sexton
Meet Rowdy Sponsored Fighter: Ariel Sexton

Meet Rowdy Sponsored Fighter: Ariel Sexton

  • By Cypress Austin | @4zayd | Sep 24, 2019, 10:14am EST

Ariel Sexton is a two time jiu-jitsu national champion sponsored by Rowdy and fights for the ONE Championship organization. Since a very young age he has trained in kickboxing, karate and Brazilian jujitsu. He even earned his black belt training under the legendary Renzo Gracie. He has 13 wins 4 losses which is an incredible record of 77% submissions.

Sexton is a very dangerous stand up fighter who throws power in every shot. As good as he is on the feet, he is even better on the ground, showing his Renzo Gracie background. Most people who go to the ground with Ariel often look like a fish out of water as Ariel attacks with unorthodox submissions in positions that the opposition does not expect. Some people are praised for their finishing ability when their opponent is hurt. Ariel has that same finishing ability on the groups throughout the entire fight. With a record of 5 and 2 in ONE FC, Ariel is looking forward to a very promising year and is on his path in challenging for the lightweight title.

Ariel Sexton always brings the 🔥
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